Robotic System

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  1. Die Casting Robotic Extractor

    The system is integrated with different brands of 6-axis industrial foundry robots, such as FANUC, KUKA and ABB. The system has an IP67 rating and high repeatability.
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  2. Robotic Polishing And Deburring System

    The imported low-power electric main grinding spindle, combined with a specialized aluminum cutting tool and an imported grinding head,has higher precision and better stability. Due to the variety of flashes and burrs of workpieces, the system can change the cutting tool automatically or it can be equipped with different tools.
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  3. Die Casting Robotic Sprayer

    Die Casting Machine Robotic Sprayer High Reliability and Stability
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  4. Robotic Welding System

    It uses graphical interface which is both intuitive and simplified. One-stop programming facilitates easy operation.
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